The first time I missed my family gathering during Spring Festival


Spring Festival is really a important and meaningful festival in China, which is being equal to Christmas. At that day, people who live far away from home would return home to cheer the day with their family members, a family gathering will be hold in the evening. But this year, I prefer to study abroad in the UK, away from my family.  However, I am lucky, I met lots of friends here.I am always thinking they are the biggest fortune for me in Cardiff.

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Before that day, every of us prepared a present for a interesting link called exchange gifts. No doubt, that is the most exciting moment that we jumped and yelled and did all kinds of funny things. Of course, we enjoyed a really delicious meal which cooked by ourselves. I have to admit some of us have the talent of cooking. Although I missed my family gathering, I have a big “family” in Cardiff. Every of us is not alone, we will cheer each other and help each other. After graduation from Cardiff University, they are all precious memories for us.

Want to know more about Chinese new year?  click here


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