Simon Anholt

He is the people who has advised the governments of more than 40 countries

He defines Nation Branding

His name is Simon Anholt

Today, I want introduce this famous scholar–Simon Anholt. Have you ever heard this name? The first time I heard this name was from my dissertation tutor. My dissertation topic is related to Nation Brand, and Simon Anholt is the specialist on doing research about Nation Brand. After learning his experience, I really think he is not only a great expert in the field, but also a fascinating man. Look at his picture, isn’t he?

Simon Anholt in Chile

During the last 12 years, Simon Anholt has advised the governments of more than 40 countries on questions of national identity and reputation, public diplomacy, trade, tourism, cultural and educational relations, export and foreign investment promotion. He works closely with heads of state, heads of government, ministers, private sector and civil society leaders in a series of unique one-day policy planning workshops called conversazioni.

Countries where Simon Anholt has worked include the Netherlands, Latvia, Croatia, Bhutan, Botswana, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Chile, Tanzania, Jamaica, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Malaysia, China, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Scotland, Slovenia, Ecuador, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Poland, Turkey, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Romania, South Korea, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Egypt and the Baltic Sea Region. At home in the United Kingdom, he is a member of the Foreign Office Public Diplomacy Board. He collaborates frequently with multilateral institutions including the United Nations, NATO, the World Bank and the European Union (From:

I got some ideas from his speech. There are 205 countries in the world, but most people don’t know them, because they have little interest in them. Majority people only know three countries: their own country, the USA as the most powerful country in the world and the third is the one where that want to visit or their relatives live in. That’s evoke my interest in researching Nation Brand.  The image of one country is significant and it is necessary to improve the reputation of China abroad. I want more people understand my country, and establish a good relationship with Chinese. Because most of them are friendly. It’s the practical significance for me to choose this topic. I have a dream that the friendship between China and UK can everlasting.


More information about Simon Anholt:


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