Unemployment comes with graduation


There is a popular saying that “Unemployment comes with graduation” among Chinese graduates.

This year 5 million young people will graduate from the country’s universities, with the potential to boost China’s economy still further. But the government estimates that 1 million of them won’t find jobs because the education system isn’t supplying the needs of an economy still based on manufacturing. Too many students, not enough jobs.

This same situation exists in Britain. Too many students, not enough jobs. The rate of British youth unemployment has reached the highest level in history, which means we have to rethink the meaning of career life. It is more likely a monster that waiting for you in your only route for anyone who is 24 or younger. Conquered it, we will face a turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Choosing the first job is really a big choice for one’s whole life. I happened to read it in an online newspaper. (http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/careers/sns-201208091200–tms–brazenctnbc-a20120809-20120809,0,871840.story) The reasons are as followed: 1. You’ll learn professionalism. 2. You’ll learn from falling. 3. You’ll form your future. 4. You’ll learn exactly what you want to do in life.

I quite agree with this idea, so the biggest problem puzzled me now is employment direction. Whether follow the direction that “I want to do” or love the job that choose me. I can get more benefit for my future work from Agency or In house PR. Lots of questions, and still unknown.

What do you think of this predicament? Does this concern you? What are your thoughts? If the answer is yes, please leave your comment, and we may think of  constructive suggestions to rise to this challenge. ^^ GOOD LUCK TO US.


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