Chopsticks, the mysterious and convenient dinner helper, has been the representative of Eastern culture, how to quickly master the use of chopsticks has been a troubled person’s problems abroad. Actually, even I can not use chopsticks well, because I learned how to use chopsticks in a wrong way when I was a child, and, I can not correct to the right way when I grow up. That day, a funny thing happened to me is that, one of my foreign classmates can can use chopsticks very well, when we have sushi together, she said to me, we your way of using chopsticks looks strange. Do you know the feeling of me at that moment, I feel so shamed, as a Chinese, I was corrected the way of using chopsticks by a foreigner. = =


Chopsticks are the most frequently used utensils in China. You will see many Chinese restaurants here provide disposable wooden chopsticks. Here let us learn how to use chopsticks step by step together.

1.Place one chopstick in the crook of your thumb and index finger. The chopstick should be at the base of your thumb and your thumb should be about 1/3 the way down from the broad end of the chopstick.


2. Rest the chopstick on your ring finger between 1/2 way and 2/3 the way down the chopstick.

3. The first chopstick should now be very stable with one end securely between your thumb and index finger and the other end resting on your ring finger.

4. Place the second chopstick in your hand the way you would hold a pen. It should rest slightly on the tip of your thumb and be held into place with support from your middle finger.


5. Use your index and middle fingers to practice moving the tip of the top chopstick up and down. The bottom chopstick should remain relatively still. As you move the top one down the tip should meet up with the tip of the bottom one.

6. Imagine you are pinching something. If the tips aren’t meeting up, adjust one chopstick so they do because it will be very difficult to pick anything up if the two chopsticks aren’t evenly aligned.

7. Attempt to pick up some food! Start with large chunks of food like chopped up vegetables or meat. Once you get the hang of that you can try the trickier foods like rice and grains.




Here is also an useful video for you:

If you are interested in the history of chopsticks, you can click here:

Do you know there are different styles of chopsticks in different cultures:




REMEMBER: Practice Practice Practice!


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