First Lady

A singer and also the First Lady

Simple and romantic family life and respect to women is the nature culture of First Lady. First Lady is not represent of one country’s Power glory, but the public’s social values. These days, the First Lady of China first stepped on to the international stage causes international concern, which; at last, China also got the First Lady.


As reports, most Chinese people feel proud of Mrs. Peng (First Lady of China). Firstly, Mrs. Peng changes the role definition of Chinese First Lady that Diplomatic ceremonial as ever and the appearance of Mrs. Peng broke the traditional of Chinese First Lady has always been unknown to public. The dual identity (famous singer and First Lady) makes her so charming to the world arena. Secondly, Mrs. Peng goes along with Mr. Xi to visit other countries express Chinese concept of family harmony, which can also be concerned that these new generation of Chinese leaders have totally different national consciousness of public relations. Thirdly, the close and bags Mrs. Peng wears all are made in China, which really lead a new fashion in China. She became a fashionable woman and a good example of women in China.


This versatile and graceful with kind hearted First Lady must be respected and welcomed by the public. Also, can support the diplomacy of China and which is one way to strengthen soft power of China.



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