Spring is here, and I’ m leaving

IMG_1530 IMG_1532

From July 2012 to May 2013, it was a year of imagery, it was a year of ceremonies, of formal remembrances. Perhaps, this is the most memorable of my life for one year, because there are too many things happened, and a lot of people known. Last summer I came to Cardiff, to begin with my master degree, this summer I will graduate from Cardiff University. But what I harvest is not only the degree of master, but also good tutors, learning skill, cooking, travel experience,and my best friends. After graduation, we will greets the new section of lives, we will go to different places, but we are friends forever and we will bless others. 

I can clearly remember the fist time of handing in papers, first time of group meeting, first time of receiving feedback from tutor, first time to night clubs, go hiking with my group mates, celebrate friends’ birthdays, type more than one thousand words within one night. All these memories I will keep in mind. Last day, I see one friend off, when we thronged on the platform, laughing and crying memories came flooding back. On the way back home, I happened to see some beautiful flowers bloom, I know spring is here and Cardiff is really a nice place, I love Cardiff. 




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