Spring is here, and I’ m leaving

From July 2012 to May 2013, it was a year of imagery, it was a year of ceremonies, of formal remembrances. Perhaps, this is the most memorable of my life for one year, because there are too many things happened, and a lot of people known. Last summer I came to Cardiff, to begin with […]

Tea culture

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hourdedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”                                                                             […]

Knowledge of Image Right for PR people

Why I think image right is so important for PR people or journalists? There are two reasons: the first is because in some instances we will own the image right on our own work; the second is we will often want to quote other people’s words or use other’s images during our work, and we […]

The table manners in China

As we all know, different countries have different table manners. Today, I’d like to introduce something about Chinese table manners. In China, as with any culture, there are rules and customs that surround what is appropriate and what is not when dining, whether it is in a restaurant or in someone’s home. Learning the appropriate […]


Chopsticks, the mysterious and convenient dinner helper, has been the representative of Eastern culture, how to quickly master the use of chopsticks has been a troubled person’s problems abroad. Actually, even I can not use chopsticks well, because I learned how to use chopsticks in a wrong way when I was a child, and, I […]

Unemployment comes with graduation

There is a popular saying that “Unemployment comes with graduation” among Chinese graduates. This year 5 million young people will graduate from the country’s universities, with the potential to boost China’s economy still further. But the government estimates that 1 million of them won’t find jobs because the education system isn’t supplying the needs of an economy […]

Simon Anholt

He is the people who has advised the governments of more than 40 countries He defines Nation Branding His name is Simon Anholt Today, I want introduce this famous scholar–Simon Anholt. Have you ever heard this name? The first time I heard this name was from my dissertation tutor. My dissertation topic is related to Nation Brand, and […]